Arianna Finelli alias Arianna Scartozzi began playing the piano when she was 8 years old. She later attended the Bologna Conservatory for 6 years and in 1997 graduated from DAMS (Drama, Arts and Music Studies) presenting her thesis on Paolo Conte.
Her music, at a compositional level, is as a personal interpretation of the “standards”, while maintaining the sound and intention of jazz and Brazilian music.
Her tracks have been used for documentaries, such as “Il Coraggio del Boxel” by Andrea Pavone Coppola, projected at the Biografilm Festival of Bologna in 2013 and for the background during poetry readings at the Castello del Verginese (Portomaggiore, near Ferrara) in 2000 and for the Officine della Poesia 1 (Bologna) in 2018.
In 2006 one of her pieces, “Embaixo da chuva”, was interpreted by Silvia Donati, including it in the album “Turbilhâo” of the Xangô.
The ensemble Saxofollia, for their project “Bach Plays Sax”, in 2011 commissioned her for the arrangement of 5 saxophones and drums of a composition of J. S. Bach, entitled “34CH5”, still played today at festivals and exhibitions.
In 2017 she composed the music for the video LIS of the comic strip “Nellie Bly”, presented at the museum MAXXI of Rome.
Occasionally she explores other kinds of music: in 2002 for example she composed a string quartet with the progressive rock band Deus Ex Machina, which was included in their album “Cinque”.
With IRMA records in 2020 she presented her first EP “Fragments”, 4 tracks whose sound is a mix of jazz and bossa nova. The performing musicians are Nico Menci (piano), Nicoletta Manzini (sax), Riccardo Anfonso (vocal), Alberto Borsari (harmonica), and Giancarlo Bianchetti (guitar and percussions).
In 2021, again for IRMA records, her song “Wide” was released on the album by Silvia Donati entitled “Vortice”.
In 2022 IRMA records releases the single “I got to be strong”, a jazz ballad sung by Renata Tosi. To accompany the singer Alberto Borsari on harmonica, Giancarlo Bianchetti on guitar, Paolo Ghetti on double bass and Massimo Manzi on drums.